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Publish or Perish

publish or perish

To either produce consistent published works, especially scholarly articles, or else risk falling into obscurity or disfavor or being released from one's academic institution.

Interesting headline for a blog on the state of the construction industry, right? But it says it all. “…or risk falling into obscurity…” Just substitute "one's company" for "one's academic institution."!

Complacency is becoming a huge problem for those in the AVP and/or Sr. Estimator level positions. The lack of aggressive spirit to grow and learn in their field has left the door open for the younger, more tech-savvy candidates, who come in with a much lower salary-ask, to make their moves.

You have the experience—show that you are committed to growth by getting up to speed on the newest programs. If you do that, we can find the best spot for you. Visit us at


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