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Fishing? by Bob Mirabile

Now that the summer’s almost over and my fishing days are behind me, I started wondering what makes the fish bite the hook? When I was out for Porgies last month and let my line drop to the very bottom, I got hits--otherwise I was just cutting bait.

I had to work harder putting bigger bait on the hook. I had to work harder reeling in the S.O.B. from the deeper water. I had to keep moving the boat too as I saw the poacher fins of other fish trying to steal my catch.

Yes, it’s that time of year in recruiting and hiring where the smart people adjust to the current market. Yes, we had turn downs this year, we had people who turned us down contact us a few months later saying OOPS. We had placements come out of the blue and we had too many former clients rely on resume readers to make decisions on who they hire based on job boards. We are having a solid year overall.

Resumes are not always true--as we just learned when a person sent us I-9 verification, but it turned out to be his sisters social. Who the hell is he? He is a great AUTO CAD REVIT BIM Modeling guy and speaks better than I write. He has an extensive work history in NYC as well with name brand companies. So how does he do it? I think he works at each place until he is caught. What’s the cost of hiring from a job board? First, it’s the cost of the ad. How many man hours did the other companies, Recruiters, in takers, human resources, utilize to hire a fraud [we spent just three.] This guy is on three job boards and answered our questionnaire about work authorization with an affirmative response. That’s why I really don't like to hire internet candidates unless I can verify them myself.

SO, this is what I am doing to go deeper. How do I combat job boards and the like? I am revising my contract options. I did an analysis of what the job board HR readers cost a company. [ simple math from a simple guy]. Two resume readers at 40k salary each and benefits cost over 100k—then add the time wasted by their managers in seeing the resume writer candidates and the cost skyrockets to 140k.

We even have a new anti-poacher program. Call me 631-398-4480 to discuss your options.

I challenge anybody to match that new anti-poacher deal. No HR nor Recruiter can duplicate this because I do ALL of my own work. My associates can and have the discretion to make their own deals with clients as well.

AEC is starting our 38th consecutive year under one family’s ownership we have weathered every storm and are still fishing--now it’s our time to go deeper smarter and reel in the big ones.


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