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Can your recruiter build your building?

Making the transition from the not-for-profit world to construction, has been an eye-opener for me. Picking the brain of Bob Mirabile is like taking a leap into a construction encylopedia! Learning about under-pining, ground-up, SCA--you name it, is a detailed and extremely important part of my job. BUT, can your recruiter talk to you about the requirements of a licensed super in NYC? Do they know the ins & outs of SCA work? Do they know what SCA work is? We do. From his humble beginnings, learning to work brick and mortar with his father, through decades of experience in commercial and residential construction, Bob & AEC National Recruiters, can ensure that the candidate we put before you has the real-life experience that you need for your next project. We can get past the 'buzz-words' and read in-between the lines of their resumes. From simple questions to detailed 'tests' to confirm their experience--we can present to you candidates who meet your needs.

So, to answer the question above--YES, AEC National Recruiters CAN build your building!

. Fair fees--replacement program--one-on-one communication with experts! Visit us at

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